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A Movie That Is Shot Completely In A Single Room

Kannan Rangaswamy is all set to make his Kollywood debut with Dhayam.


The flick has an unusual plot, where the entire movie is to be shot inside a single room. The movie has a horror-thriller genre and stars Santhosh Prathap of Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam fame.

“I challenged myself to write a screenplay that happens inside a room. It was quite taxing as the film shouldn’t look like stage play or a television drama. So, I had work a lot on the script. We worked on the set-up of the room and brought in several interesting elements. Also, the screenplay is so tight and engaging that people wouldn’t feel bored. The film’s duration is around one hour and 45 minutes”, revealed Kannan.

He added that the screenplay is tight that it wouldn’t allow fans to get bored even for a second. The movie will have four songs and all of them are themed on a situation. Interestingly, even the songs are shot inside the room.

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