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Tariff Wars: Airtel Is Now Giving Three Months Of Free Data For 4G Users


In an effort to take on competition from Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecom operator, is giving its pre-paid 4G customers three months of unlimited data for ₹1,494.

Vodafone India has also rolled out ‘flex’ payment options for its pre-paid offerings

The offer is reportedly only available in Delhi, but will be rolled out elsewhere over the next few days, according to media reports. Airtel is reportedly offering 30 gigabytes of data at 4G speeds.

jio-airtelCurrently, one gigabyte of 4G data valid for about a month is priced at about ₹250 rupees or more. Most Indian cellphone users are prepaid, or without a monthly contract with their carrier.

Ajai Puri, Director – Operations, Bharti Airtel has said, “Customers with 4G handsets generally consume large amounts of data and this proposition is specifically aimed at them.”

Earlier this week, Vodafone India rolled out new ‘flex’ payment options for its pre-paid offerings, launching bundled voice and data plans aimed at a wider mobile customer base including those who currently don’t have 4G phones. Teh vast majority of Indian telecom customers are currently pre-paid customers.

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