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It’s Rajnikanth vs. Akshay Kumar in ‘2.0’

The first look of Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0′ will shock the viewers, as you’ll see Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar in never-seen-before avatars. The first glimpse of Akshay Kumar, as the paranoid scientist, was launched on Sunday evening and took social media by storm.

bfed2739eb3a74fc51a707979e2e29f8 The action star, who debuts with ‘2.0′ into the Tamil industry, shed his good looks to become a monster, who will be Rajinikanth’s biggest enemy. Akshay stars as antagonist, Dr Richard, who becomes eccentric after an experiment gone wrong.


The launch was a star-studded event with Salman Khan making his presence felt of stage with Karan Johar, along with the cast and crew of the film, which included Rajnikanth himself, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson and AR Rahman.



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