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CTU goes digital, installs swipe machines at city bus stands


If you plan to travel by buses of the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) and forget to carry cash- don’t worry. The CTU authorities have installed 15 swipe machines at both inter-state bus terminals of Sector 17 and Sector 43.


Amit Talwar, Director, Transport, said the initiative had started receiving positive response from commuters who found the machines more convenient. RB Singh, station supervisor of the Sector 17 bus stand, said seven swipe machines had been set up at various counters of the bus stand. One machine is being used for advance booking.

A commuter, Prakash Kumar, said buying a ticket by using the swipe machine was a good experience. Talwar said the CTU was also working to start an online ticket-booking facility. Initially, the facility will be made available for long route buses. Talwar said a software is being developed for the purpose. The CTU is presently running around 100 buses on long routes. It is also planning to buy luxury, ordinary and semi-luxury buses soon.

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