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Nagarjuna’s Son Naga Chaitanya Got Engaged To His Ladylove Samantha Prabhu

t was only a few months ago that south Indian superstar, Nagarjuna’s younger son, Akhil Akkineni got engaged to his ladylove, Shriya Bhupal in an intimate ceremony. Now, Nagarjuna’s elder son, Naga Chaitanya has also entered the new phase of his life.


Actor Naga Chaitanya finally got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu. The couple exchanged the rings on January 29, in Hyderabad, in the presence of only closed ones.

Newly-engaged, Samantha and Naga were looking adorable together in one frame. Naga’s baby brother, Akhil shared the happy news by sharing a beautiful picture with a very cute caption.


“My brother and my new sister! I’m the happiest thammudu in the world. Love you guys!”


Akhil’s fiancée, Shriya was also present at the engagement. Take a look at the beautiful family picture of the Akkinenis, one big happy family!


After the close-knitted engagement ceremonies of both Naga and Akhil, we are eagerly waiting for the grand weddings to take place soon! There are reports that Akkineni sons will tie the knot in 2017 only in a destination wedding.


Our heartiest congratulations to the lovely couple, Naga and Samantha.

Images Courtesy: Stories By Joseph Radhik




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