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Chairs Broken by MLAs, Chaos During TN Assembly Trust Vote

Speaker leaves the Assembly after being gheraoed by MLAs. Assembly adjourned till 1pm as OPS camp and Opposition seeking secret ballot create ruckus in the assembly.

MLAs tear paper, throw chairs, break a table and throw microphones. DMK MLA Poongothai Aladi Aruna climbs on bench and raises slogans demanding a secret ballot. Ku Ka Selvam, another DMK MLA, sat on the Speaker’s chair in protest.

Panneerselvam says the floor test must reflect the views of the people. The people’s voice should echo in the Assembly, he says.

Chaos continues in the Tamil Nadu Assembly as the Speaker rejects the secret ballot as well as Stalin’s plea to defer the trust vote.

Speaker P Dhanapal reportedly lashed out at the MLAs saying that “nobody can interfere in my decision on how to vote.”

Doors of the assembly have been closed for the trust vote but the vote has not begun because of the commotion. Division voting is expected to commence shortly, which means the MLAs will be counted after being made to stand in batches.

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