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I will die if I try to do Baahubali 3: Prabhas

  • Tollywood Star said “I will die if I try to do Baahubali 3 film


SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali earned Prabhas nationwide acclaim and love. From being a Tollywood star he went on to become a national icon in a span of two years with never seen before kind of popularity. Busy promoting Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, Prabhas was recently asked if he would use this popularity to gain entry in politics and he replied that he will be a misfit if ever considers a career in politics.

“I have no political aspiration. Not now not ever. I’ll be a complete misfit in political arena,” Prabhas said, and added that working on the Baahubali franchise was a very unique experience. “It was a privilege to work on a movie of international standards. I owe everything to Rajamouli because this is his dream and I merely supported him by taking out time.” Asked if he would do another film like Baahubali, he jokingly said, “I will die trying to do another Baahubali kind of film. It’s not a film that can be easily replicated. I believe only Rajamouli has the experience and vision to handle projects on such scale.”

Prabhas will commence work on his next project soon after the release of Baahubali 2. The new film, reportedly titled Saahoo, will be directed by Sujeeth and will be shot on a whopping budget of Rs 150 and in three languages.

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