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Jayalalithaa’s Tea Estate Watchman Found Dead, Another Injured

In what could become yet another sensational criminal case, a guard at the high-profile Kodanad tea estate, which belonged to the late Chief Minister J c was found murdered on a private road inside the estate in the wee hours of Monday.

Reports say that another guard was also found injured at the spot, and that he seemed to have been tied and beaten up.

According to initial information, the dead watchman was found near Gate No 9 of the estate, which has several entrances and exits. The dead guard has been identified as Omkar, a Nepali. A group of unknown persons allegedly came in a car and hacked him to death, injuring the other guard. Police is investigating to see if it’s a case of a robbery attempt.


Jayalalithaa’s bungalow sits on top of the hill, and the entire estate is heavily guarded. The police are at the spot and investigating the incident, and the area has been barricaded and cordoned off. Nilgiris district SP Murali is investigating the case

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