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Gippy Grewal’s Manje Bistre hits 15.50 crore worldwide

  • Box office collection: Gippy Grewal’s Manje Bistre hits 15.50 crore worldwide 

The Manje Bistre movie by Gippy Grewal has made history at the box office by grossing a total of Rs 15.5 crore worldwide in just three days of hitting the cinemas from 14 April. The Gippy Garewal starer Manje Bistre is breaking records on the national and international front. The light-hearted comedy that revolves around a wedding and a love story has proved to be a big time hit amongst the Punjabi audience in India as well as in Australia, Canada and UK.

Manje Bistre Film Story – – 

The Punjabi movie ‘Manje Bistre’ is a family drama that shows love, comedy and emotion of a family. The story of ‘Manje Bistre’ revolves around Sukhi (Gippy Grewal), who is busy in the preparation of his cousin sister’s marriage.

During his preparations for the marriage ceremony, he met Rano (Sonam Bajwa) and fell in love with her. Rano is his sister’s friend and also a hesitant lover.

Now, Sukhi and Rano fall in love and the entire wedding days take the audience through a nice story line filled with comedy. The question that arises is that will Rano be able to express her love for Sukhi else what will be the end of their love story? If you are in a mood to watch the movie, then better we don’t tell you the entire Manje Bistre story here itself. But the movie brings smiles to everyone;s face. To check out the review of Manje Bistre, please scroll down.

Manje Bistre Movie Cast — 

Starring: Gippy Grewal, Sonam Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjir Anmol, B.N Sharma, Jaggi Singh, Rana Ranbir, Sara Gurpal, Sardar Sohi and many more.

Director: Baljit Singh Deo

Produced by: Gippy Grewal

Story: Gippy Grewal

Music: Jay K and Jaison Thind
Released on: 14th April 2017

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