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Health summit highlights importance of organic medicines

  • Health summit highlights importance of organic medicines

New Delhi, May 5:–  Highlighting the importance of consuming natural and organic medicines, a health and science summit was organised here.

The Herbal Science summit focused on traditional health practices and upheld the need to learn not only from the teachings of our ancestors but also from nature.

Inaugurated by Mandira Bedi, the event also saw the India launch of the products by Planet Herb Lifesciences (PHL), a leading wellness and healthcare company in Sri lanka, Russia and the UAE.

“I am a true believer of originality and purity. Our body loves an organic routine. It is stress free and uplifts not only our system, but also our spirit! It is a great path to wellness and a healthy lifestyle,” Bedi said.

Speakers like celebrity dietician Dr Tripti Tandon, Dr Aru Handa, senior consultant at MEDANTA-MEDCITY and Dr Dolly Marya, senior consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at The Marya Clinic and Max Smart also talked about how herbal therapy was the right option for treating chronic ailments.

The event also provided an opportunity and platform for alternative practitioners to explore the best case reports where ultimate results have been achieved to justify curing and healing by various herbal medicines.

“Residing in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand, we felt that organic wellness and holistic living, which were the way of life of our country, were getting extinct and becoming old fashioned. To reintroduce age old methods with modern technology was the idea with which Planet Herbs was born,” V K Dhawan, CEO, PHL, said. –PTI

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