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Kapil Mishra collapses after exposing AAP’s involvement in massive donation scam

New Delhi-14-05-17 : If one bomb was not enough to disrupt the Aam Aadmi Party’s footing, sacked Delhi water minister Kapil Mishra lived up to his promise and disclosed a slew of documents showing how the AAP was involved in a major donation scam.

The minister had earlier promised that he would release another set of documents which will clear the air hiding the corruption in the layers of the AAP. Not one, not two, but the minister showed “explosive” documents that show the number of fake ploys adopted by the party to launder money.

A total Rs 36 crore has been laundered, as per the documents that were shown in a slide show format at a press conference called by Mishra. More than Rs 70 crore is being anticipated to be involved in the illegal activities, as per the documents revealed by Kapil Sharma, who fainted minutes after the press conference ended.

It has to be noted that Mishra was on hunger strike for more than five days and this might have been the reason why he fainted but the disclosure he made raises a big question on the party, which prides itself on being a crusader of peoples’ cause.

Mishra, who released one document after the other, showed how the party had been using banks to launder its money during the time of demonetisation as well. He also named a chain of companies – mostly shell companies – who have made massive donations to the party.

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