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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Masatoshi Okauchi/REX/Shutterstock (8840605f) Hugh Jackman 'Logan' film press photocall, Tokyo, Japan - 25 May 2017

Hugh Jackman to star as Gary Hart in ‘The Frontrunner’

  • Hugh Jackman to star as Gary Hart in ‘The Frontrunner’

Los Angeles, Jun 28:– Hugh Jackman is set to essay the role of Gary Hart, former senator and Democratic presidential frontrunner, in Jason Reitman’s directorial venture “The Frontrunner”.

Hart was the Democratic frontrunner in 1987 before news of an extramarital affair demolished his candidacy and potentially denied the country of a leader known for his compassion, intellect, and charisma.

The film is based on the book “All the Truth Is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid” by Matt Bai, who co-wrote the script with the “Up in the Air” and “Young Adult” filmmaker, and former Hillary Clinton spokesman Jay Carso, reported Entertainment Weekly.

Reitman says the movie will explore the impact Hart’s candidacy “had on the evolving relationship between politics and the media.”

“Like anyone, I look at the political landscape right now and just wonder how we got here. There isn’t any one answer, but Matt Bai’s book about the Hart candidacy raised interesting questions and offered a thread I wanted to pull,” he adds. –PTI

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